Cerasorb Mouldable Foam – bone graft materials


For Intelligent Alveolar Defect Treatment – Fits perfectly – Every time!

Conservarea crestei alveolare urmăreşte prevenirea atrofiei osului alveolar postextracţional (aproximativ 40-60% la 2-3 ani după îndepărtarea dintelui din alveolă). Procedeul constă în grefarea imediată, postextracţional a alveolei dentare . Avantajele sale constau în conservarea înălţimii, lăţimii şi structurii osoase pentru orice fel de lucrare protetică dentară, cu materializarea principiilor estetice în confecţionarea lucrărilor dentare precum şi în prevenirea durerilor şi hemoragiei postextracţionale.

Cerasorb Mouldable Foam bone graft materials are resorbable, osteoconductive and similar to cancellous bone.

  • Made from b-tricalcium Phosphate (ß-TCP) granules of different sizes and densities and porcine collagen.
  • The specification and the customizing of CERASORB® Foam provide easy handling in the operatory thanks to the moldability to fit the defect and comfortable positioning.
  • The material is completely degraded over the long term, replaced by autologous bone, and thus creates the necessary stability for later implant restoration.

The collagen matrix embeds the granules and stabilizes them by virtue of its fibrous structure. This special combination of the two materials provides a high volume stability after degradation of the more rapidly resorbed collagen.

For use, the material should be moistened with blood from the defect.
CERASORB® Foam is now available also in a 12 x 12 x 4 mm (0.5 cc) size meeting the needs of alveolar defect filling and in a convenient 3-piece set.

Product benefits :
  • After combining with blood from the bony defect possesses kneadability and plastic ductility
  • Moldable to conform to the form of the defect
  • Low density (LD)

Indicated for multiple-walled bone defects:

  • Filling alveolar defects after tooth extraction to maintain the alveolar ridge
  • Augmentation of the atrophied alveolar ridge;
  • Filling of extraction defects to create and implant bed


Cerasorb Mouldable Foam este ambalat in blister-e dublu si este disponibil in urmatoarele dimensiuni:

Complete bone regeneration
• Complete resorption of CERASORB granules and collagen
• Reconstitution of healthy bone

Cerasorb granules and collagen will be completely eliminated and replaced by autologous bone.
The use of pure phase β-tricalcium phosphate with regular interconnective porosity and primary particel size ensures a degradation of the biomaterial with simultaneous formation of new bone.

In an animal study at the distal femoral condyle in rabbits was shown that defects with critical size can be regenerated with CERASORB Foam.² In another study CERASORB Foam has also been successfully used in a sheep scapula defect.³

1000-times magnification of Cerasorb Foam

After 3 months a good bony regeneration of the defects is available with incipient remodeling of the original bone structure and formation of marrow spaces (yellow arrows). It shows that in the newly formed bone the tricalcium phosphate residues – in the process of resorption –
are penetrated by bone tissue (white arrows) with excellent bone contact, e.g. bone binding is present.³

After 12 months, within the defect, the original bone structure with spongiosa and marrow spaces (yellow arrows) is regenerated in the centre and in the compacta of the boundary area and the implantation material is almost completely resorbed.³

In all studies CERASORB Foam shows a very good biocompatibility. Parallel to the formation of new bone, both the β-TCP particles and the collagen were completely resorbed.³

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