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ARDS Implants Romania este reprezentantul exclusiv al companiei ARDS Ltd Israel si s-a infiintat in 2007 ca urmare a absentei pe piata din Romania a unui sistem de implanturi dentare simplu, performant, de calitate superioara, care sa fie extrem de eficient si intr-un os alveolar spongios .
Calitatea produselor noastre este certificata si garantata la cele mai inalte standarde mondiale : European Notified Body CE , Israeli AMAR si American FDA.
Inca de la inceput , obiectivul firmei noastre este satisfacerea totala a cerintelor clientilor , prin asigurarea de servicii si produse , care sa corespunda exigentelor dumneavoastra .
De asemenea, stocurile permanente de produse si livrarile efectuate rapid si cu seriozitate , aduc un plus de siguranta si satisfactie in relatia distribuitor – medic – pacient .

Implantologia accesibila pentru toti, o parte integrata a serviciilor de stomatologie restaurativa !

ARDS Implants Romania a investit în cursuri de formare profesionala in implantologia dentara , destinate medicilor incepatori, dar si pentru avansati , care doresc sa-si aprofundeze cunostintele, sustinute de lectori cu o vasta experienta profesionala in domeniul implantologiei .
Astfel , medici au posibilitatea de a invata, progresa si de a dobandi experienta necesara in implantologia orala, pentru o activitate independenta in cabinet .
Cursurile practice ARDS Implants permit medicilor sa lucreze la un nivel inalt de profesionalism , prin echipamentele de calitate superioara pe care le asiguram la fiecare post de lucru – Piezomed W&H , fiziodispenser Implantmed W&H, instrumente chirurgicale , biomateriale , truse chirurgicale complete ARDS si implanturi dentare ARDS.
Cursanții pot învăța diverse tehnici de nivel mediu, până la cele mai noi și mai complicate, folosite în chirurgia orală sau în protetica și estetica dentară.

De asemenea , medici pot participa si la cursurile ”One to One” pe pacienti unde aveți ocazia de a participa activ la o intervenție și de a afla care sunt ultimele inovații în domeniul implantologiei orale.


Partenerii nostrii :


We founded ARDS in 2005 with the belief that there was a better way to help dentists provide implant treatment to their patients.

Our founder, leading Implantologist, Dr Uri Arny saw the need for a truly simple implant system that followed the latest scientific advancements with the ethos „Innovation is our tradition” reflect both our rootedness and forward-thinking spirit. Joining Dr Arny have been leading figures from the dental and venture capital space. Over the last seventeen years, we have partnered with global dental companies and regional implantology pioneers to become a truly global implant solution provider. As we have grown, the vision has not changed – to take implant dentistry into a better future for the doctor and patient alike.

Over the past decade, as digitization has accelerated we have embraced and driven a project to unify our implant dentistry solution in a completely seamless digital process. We have grown an innovation community and platform, joining some of the world’s leading experts in implantology, engineering, CAD/CAM, materials, design and technology. Dentists around the world count on us to guide them through digital complexities and disruptions that continue to change the face of implant dentistry for the better.

Our Precision DNA

Our state of the art production facility in Tefen, Israel possesses all the necessary know-how and infrastructure to make the future of implantology a reality today.

Thanks to our in-house R&D team’s constant innovation and our complete control over the manufacturing process, we have absolute certainty on the quality of implant componentry as well as freedom of creation. In-house design and manufacturing of components and tools; automated and physical checks of each component produced, even down to the last detail: the strength of the Manufacture lies in our capacity to produce implants and components that are at once innovative and respectful of quality traditional manufacturing processes. This philosophy is reflected in all of our implant models and their precision componentry. We believe that each implant and its restoration should be a fete of innovation creating a unique work of art.

Exploring every detail of innovation, ARDS’s world is made of experience in producing quality and aesthetically outstanding implant solutions. Creating masterpieces through technology.

Looking towards the future, we are constantly challenging ourselves. Merging the innovation and tradition, the high-tech and expert craftsmanship and the machine precision and beauty of movement of its manufacture. From the production of micro-components for movements to cases and dials, or from fundamental research to the development of innovative materials, implantologists, physicists, chemists and engineers are united under the same roof, working in perfect synergy to create exceptional implantology solutions that endlessly push technical and aesthetic boundaries.

Our Purpose

Holistic solutions tailored to each patient
To empower implantologists to provide the world leading treatment, our process begins and ends with the patient in mind.
Since our first implants rolled off our production line some 17 years ago we have been pursuing one goal: to work with implantologists to craft implant solutions that represent the pinnacle of aesthetics and function. Combining traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art production processes and technology, we are delivering implant solutions that are as precise and reliable as the restorative outcomes are aesthetically beautiful.

The lifetime impact of getting the right solution for each patient is immeasurable and can only be achieved with a restoratively driven integrated system. This has been an iterative process since our foundation and our evolution continues towards more innovative and tailored solutions for patients.

Leading the digitally driven dentalcare evolution
The most significant change to dentistry in a generation warrants partnering with the cross-disciplinary team with some of the brightest minds in dentistry to deliver an integrated end to end platform made for implantologists.

Precision dentistry with AI guided surgery
Combining traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art production processes and technology, we are crafting implant solutions that are as precise and reliable as the restorative outcomes are aesthetically beautiful.

Our Promise

We are firm believers in supporting you to provide lifetime solutions to your patients. ARDS products are designed and built to last thanks to the dedicated designers and engineers whose skills and knowledge are transferred into each and every ARDS implant.

Underpinning our track record of continuously providing richer, more innovative and tailored experiences for customers, ARDS offers a Care Program in line with evolving global customer needs and desire for personalized treatment solutions, technical expertise and education. The ARDS Care Program will provide you with personalized product information, advice, services and a lifetime warranty on ARDS implants.


ARDS products are certified and comply with applicable rules and regulations such ISO 13485, CE, USFDA, IFDA , Israel (Amar), Russia, Kazakhstan and Taiwan registration.

    Companie de familie, cu sediul în Bürmoos, Austria, infiintata in anul 1890, este unul dintre cei mai importanti producatori de instrumente de transmisie și dispozitive dentare din lume. W&H are 1000 de angajați în întreaga lume și exportă produsele sale la mai mult de 110 de țări. Compania operează in două unități de producție: în Bürmoos (Austria) si in Brusaporto (Italia). Are 19 filiale în Europa, Asia și America de Nord.
    Gama actuală de produse include instrumente rotative pentru restaurare si protetica, endodontie, implantologie și profilaxie, precum și instrumente pentru domeniul igienei și de întreținere și pentru laboratoarele dentare.
    Produse stomatologice W & H sunt printre cele mai bune instrumente de pe piață și sunt folosite în stomatologie, spitale, laboratoare dentare și chirurgie.


    Founded in 1975 by Doug and Edyie Kazen, we have been a premiere manufacturer and distributor of high quality implant, endodontic, portable dental, and anesthesia delivery equipment for over 40 years. Why Aseptico? The answer is easy: we’re committed to manufacturing innovative and high-quality surgical, endodontic, and portable dental products. Everything we offer provides great value and is made and serviced in the USA.

    Surgical instruments are an important criterion in the competence of an oral surgeon. The focus is on retaining hard and soft tissue in connection with implant treatment, for perfect esthetics and functionality in the entire oral cavity.
    Functional qualities, like the prevention of sediment build, unwanted slipping of the instruments or the reduction of distracting light reflection are standard implementations in our F-line products. F-line means First-Line: best quality, functional qualities, perfekt comfort, fantastic design and the most important: easy cleaning. Microsurgical instruments have a very important place within our large product range. Traysystem and instruments of devemed are perfectly co-ordinated with each other. Our many years of experience have taught us that innovative and top quality dental instruments are essential criteria for the competence of a dentist. The requirements of the dentist have customized our new and further developed instruments because contemporary and advanced application techniques need high-tech instruments. For developing our instruments, we have the support of world renowned practicing dentists and experts. Our knowledge of quality is documented in our quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485.

    curasan develops, manufactures and markets biomaterials and medical devices in the field of bone and tissue regeneration, wound healing and osteoarthritis therapy. As a pioneer and global technology leader in the growing field of regenerative medicine, curasan is specialized primarily on biomimetic bone grafting materials for dental, oral/maxillofacial, orthopedic and spinal applications.
    Numerous patents and a broad record of scientific publications demonstrate the clinical success of curasan´s highly innovative products. curasan´s innovative products are cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and many other international authorities. curasan´s products are available in almost 55 countries.

    Founded in 2005 in Paris, the HYGITECH company started by offering surgeons and dentists hygiene kits, comprising every component needed for surgery, helping facilitate the preparation of the operating room and practice. HYGITECH commits to its clientele absolute safety for the dentist, their team and of course the patient. HYGITECH is certified EN ISO 13485:2012.


    We are an organization operating in the biomedical field specialized in bone surgery in dentistry, we produce medical devices related to tissue engineering.
    At UBGEN we created OTiGEN, the complete system of products and services that work synergistically by optimizing every single phase of the regeneration process, making dental bone surgery more predictable.
    Our customers can therefore have a unique solution that aims to improve the entire hard and soft tissue regeneration flow, making it more predictable and consequently more reliable.