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ARDS Implants la TVR1

Sistemul de implanturi dentare ARDS prezentat la TVR1 - emisiunea Medici de gardă prezentată de o echipă tânără şi entuziastă de medici, din care fac parte cardiologul Nicoleta...

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Hypro Sorb® Z

bureti hemostatici resorbabili

Hypro-Sorb Z is a pure, sterile, native, 99.9% crystalline, resorbable, bovine atelocollagen that is used in dentistry to stop bleeding from teeth extraction. It is marketed in the form of inserts that have the shape of tooth roots and thus are easy to apply. Hemostasis is achieved quickly and reliably with Hypro-Sorb Z because atelocollagen is the most efficient hemostatic known.


Atelocollagen (99.9% Type I collagen free from telopeptides) features tolerance by tissues, resorbability and non-immunogenicity and promotes the healing process. Hypro-Sorb Z exhibits a specific activity towards thrombocytes and induces the release of coagulation factors, which, in conjuction with blood plasma factors, form a sealing fibrin substance that stops capillary bleeding.

What is the time of biological resorption in the tissue?

Hypro Sorb Z will be resorbed  completely within 2 to 4 weeks of implantation .

Size Hypro-Sorb Z

When is Hypro-Sorb Z used?

Periodontal diseases and dental caries are among the most widespread civilization diseases. Sometimes, gingival or subgingival bleeding is an accompanying phenomenon. In addition, many dental disorders are treated by surgery, where stopping bleeding may pose a problem. Where the patient’s blood coagulation is normal and no coagulation-reducing drugs are used by the patient, the solution is usually simple. However, if the patient suffers from hemophilia or if his or her blood coagulation is reduced by drugs, situations threatening the patient through massive blood loss can arise. Bleeding following tooth extraction or gum resection can be stopped easily by using Hypro-Sorb Z, which is an anatomically shaped, hemostatic tooth root insert. Increased bleeding is also a side effect of long-acting anaesthetics such as bupivacain and etidocain. Their vasodilative effect brings about problems of massive bleeding, especially during surgeries associated with the removal of large amounts of soft tissue or bone. In addition, the large cavities remaining after the surgery can become sources of postoperative bleeding from the existing tissue (maxillary sinus). Collagen hemostatics are efficient in effecting local hemostasis in children suffering from hemorrhagic diathesis. The use of this product is much safer and less costly than the use of blood products in substitution therapy, and is especially well suited for children with Type A hemophilia with factor VIII antibodies.

What are the causes of postoperative bleeding?

Postoperative bleeding is mainly due to residual granulations, root left in the socket, foreign matter (bone fragments, broken pieces of crowns, ...), repeated rinsing of the patient’s mouth and mechanical irritation of the coagulum. Bleeding due to systemic causes is most frequent in patients with hypertension, diabetes mellitus, coagulopathies, anticoagulation treatment and hepatopathy. If the patient is undergoing anticoagulation treatment or suffers from a hepatic disease and his or her Quick test INR value exceeds 3, the wound is usually treated by using a tissue adhesive. If the INR value is lower than 3, resorbable wound suture with the Hypro-Sorb Z local hemostatic is sufficient. If the wound does not bleed after the suturation procedure, waiting for a minimum of 30 minutes is recommended to be sure that the bleeding does not set in again.

Hemostatic properties

Hypro-Sorb Z is one of the most efficient products to stop capillary bleeding. The use of this product is beneficial to the patients in a number of ways. A faster hemostasis makes for a lower blood loss and a shorter time of the surgery. The tooth insert is easy to handle, owing to which the bleeding can be managed quite readily and the amounts of the material spent are minimal. Hypro-Sorb Z absorbs more body fluid than it weighs itself. Atelocollagen exhibits a very low antigenicity. The healing process is usually free from signs of inflammation and no reaction to a foreign body is induced by the material. For hemostatic collagen implants, the incidence of allergic reactions to the material has been reported to be at the level of 3 percent. With atelocollagen, exhibiting a lower antigenicity, such reaction has not been described (although it is not impossible in very sensitive individuals). The use of Hypro-Sorb Z for hemostasis generally improves the circumstances for both the doctor and patient, and reduces the risk of complications and, thereby, the direct and indirect costs of the dental treatment.



When is Hypro-Sorb Z used and how long is the time of hemostasis?

Hypro-Sorb Z should be inserted into the extracted tooth alveola during the dental surgery and compressed slightly. Bleeding will normally stop within 2 to 5 minutes. It is best to use dry Hypro-Sorb Z, which can be pre-moistened with blood or saline for easier shaping. Typically, the dental insert is removed after the hemostasis or else it is transferred to the gastrointestinary tract in the gel form. Hypro-Sorb Z can also be left in the wound during the surgery if necessary. Hypro-Sorb Z absorbs more body fluid than it weighs itself, and thus expands in volume. If an excessive amount is used, it can exert pressure in the surgical wound. When it is not necessary to revise the wound (radix left), excochleate (for the formation of new, better quality coagulum) or close the oroanthral communication, the extraction wound with the Hypro-Sorb Z hemostatic insert can be sutured or treated with a tissue adhesive.

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