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ARDS Implants la TVR1

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HYPRO-SORB X  Ø6 x Ø10 x 20 mm
Atelocollagen conus for alveolar ridge preservation and haemostasis


Hypro–Sorb X is the result of experience and intensive research cooperation between Hypro Otrokovice, s.r.o and the German Bioimplon GmbH scientific team. Hypro–Sorb X is a sterile bovine atelocollagen type I, non-cross linked that has been especially prepared, purified, and chemically modificated utilizing the proprietary technology of Hypro Otrokovice, s.r.o (registered patent No. 276891). The material is biocompatible, apyrogenic, non-immunogenic, non-allergenic, supports the healing processes, and preserves the alveolar ridge after tooth extraction.


Atelocollagen is a very effective haemostatic agent. Hypro–Sorb X has a specific activity to thrombocytes and releases clotting factors, which together with plasma binding factors promote fibrinogenesis. Other tissue interactions are the inhibition of collagenolytic activity of wound excretions, support of granulation, epithelisation, promotes soft tissue healing, and accelerates woven bone formation after tooth extraction due to its potent release activity of growth factors (TGF and PDGF) from the highly concentrated thrombocytes. TGF and PDGF are natural peptides responsible for triggering cell proliferation and bone regeneration.


Hypro–Sorb X as a pure atelocollagen is a very potent thrombocytes aggregator that, after its degradation, two main functions accelerate. One is the well documented haemostatic activity, and the second is the release of growth peptide of the thrombocytes content. Research results show that with the help of barrier function of the three dimensional conus form of Hypro–Sorb X, it is possible to prevent penetration of epithelial cells into the bone defect and thus allow for gradual growth and reconstruction of the bone tissue of the alveolar ridge.


  • Closure of extraction sites
  • Alveolar ridge preservation
  • Control of bleeding in extraction sockets or biopsy sites


  • Natural atelocollagen, 99.9% collagen type I free of telopeptide
  • The especially designed Ø6 x Ø10 x 20 mm conus form presents an excellent collagen type I three-dimensional matrix for bone formation after tooth extraction
  • Accelerated soft tissue healing
  • Highest degree of tissue biocompatibility
  • Potent haemostatic property
  • Resorbed within 2-4 weeks


Cat. No. Product Name Size
014 Hypro-Sorb X Ø6 x Ø10 x 20 mm, 10 pcs

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